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2 and 3 Day Spring Tune up thru Advanced Horse Rider Clinics
Two and three day clinics will be held with a maximum of 12 riders. All riding disciplines welcome. A full cheek snaffle bit is recommended. Spring Tune up clinics begin with groundwork in the morning followed by intense saddle work for the remaining clinic days.

Participants will learn many exercises that will teach the rider how to communicate more effectively with their horse. Students will learn how to attain better feel and timing as they master fun and creative skills.

Learn how to:

  • Get your horses performance and keep it
  • Teach your horse to be more flexible, supple and balanced
  • Back your horse with balance, while maintaining cadence and freedom in his movement
  • Cross obstacles
  • Create speed control at all gaits
  • Side pass
  • Get solid stops from all gaits
  • Teach quiet and relaxed transitions from all gaits.
  • Perform leg yields/diagonals
  • Lope circles correctly
  • Ride patterns with ease
  • Have a better sense of how to use your legs, seat and hands to communicate more effectively
  • Fun exercises to control your horses shoulders, ribcage and hip
  • Focus, concentrate, stay relaxed, calm, confident

Clinics will improve beginning rider’s skills and take advanced riders to a new level of horsemanship. The horse and rider will learn how to improve awareness of each other’s needs; learn the power of focus; develop more confidence. Riders will build a partnership with their horses that will make riding even more fun and enjoyable.
This is a great opportunity for horse owners to learn new techniques and learn to teach their own horse in a positive and safe environment. The camaraderie, which develops in these clinics, is incredible. The results speak for themselves. The length and format can be custom tailored to the needs’ of the hosting organization and participants.

To sign up for a clinic please see the 2009 schedule. If you are interested in hosting an event please contact Heart Centered Equine Academy.

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