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Tired of spending your riding time watering your arena?

Horsemanship Lessons

Heart Centered Equine Academy teaches people how to build a partnership with their horses based on mutual trust, communication and respect.

Come learn from one of the best who is an expert at creating a quiet adult atmosphere and tailoring a program that will be designed especially for you.

Heart Centered Equine Academy offers a free consultation to evaluate both you and your horse to ensure you will receive the best instruction possible.

Kathy is a Certified Professional Peak Performance coach. She offers performance coaching for all disciplines of riding. Whether you are showing your horse or riding on the trails learn the skills of how to stay confident, focused, relaxed, calm, instinctive and of course how to simply have fun.

Learn how to set attainable goals for both you and your horse

Beginning, intermediate and custom programs are available as well as private or group lessons.

• English
• Western
• Dressage
• Reining
• Western Trail
• For show and performance riders
• For recreational riders


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