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Mental Preparation for Equestrians

Managing Preshow Jitters and Performing Your Best In The Ring
By: Kathryn Valentine MGCP and Patrick Cohn,PH.D.

"Discover 8 'Costly' Mistakes Equestrians
Make with Pre-Show Mental Preparation!"

What every competitor & trainer must know
to improve mental toughness for shows!

Bonus: Included are 6 worksheets that you can download to use in conjunction with this audio.
Discover if you are making one or more of these "costly" mental game mistakes before you (or your riders) enter the ring!
You'll discover:

  • How your mind can be your best or worst asset prior to shows.
  • If you are using your mind effectively to mentally prepare for shows.
  • This one strategy that can help you boost your preshow confidence.
  • The top mental skills to improve trust in your skills and your horse!
  • My equestrian psychology tips to boost your performance in shows...

This audio CD is the most informative audio of its kind designed for all disciplines of riders. The information on this audio CD will help amateur thru professional riders to improve confidence, focus and composure.

  • Track 1 – Expectations
  • Track 2 _ Self Doubts & Reframing
  • Track 3 –Performance Cues
  • Track 4 –Imagery
  • Track5 –Coping Skills for Pre-Ring Jitters
  • Track 6 –Trust

    Price 34.95 plus S&H
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